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On the settings page for many modules, there is a section called "Common module settings". This refers to settings that are common to many modules.


The Available setting has up to 3 possible options (depending on whether 'Allow stealth activities' is enabled by an administrator in the Site administration).

Show on course page
The activity or resource is available to students (subject to any access restrictions which may be set).
Hide from students
The activity or resource is only available to users with permission to view hidden activities (by default, users with the role of teacher or non-editing teacher).
Make available but not shown on course page
For simplifying the course page. A link to the activity or resource must be provided from elsewhere, such as from a page resource. The activity is still listed in the gradebook and other reports.

See also Stealth activities.

(In versions of Moodle prior to 3.3 the 'Availability' setting was named 'Visible'.)

ID number

Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activityfor grade calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field can be left blank.

The ID number can also be set on the edit grade calculation page in the Gradebook, though it can only be edited on the update activity page of the module in a course context.

The ID number may also be used by other modules and plugins.

Group mode

Groups are set up on the course level. When course group mode is turned on and force is set to no, the group mode can be one of three levels on the activity level: no groups, separate groups or visible groups.

No groups
There are no groups and all students submit their individual activities in one area.
Separate groups
Students submit their activity and teachers/trainers can sort submissions by Group or view All Participants.
Visible groups
All students submits their assignment within a single Assignment area but may choose which Group to associate their submission with before uploading. Teachers/trainers can sort submissions by Group or view All Participants.


Groupings are a collection of groups that are set up on the course level.

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