In progress courses block

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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace™, which is available through Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers only.

The In progress courses block can be placed on the Dashboard. It displays all courses that satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • The user is enrolled in the course
  • The user has not completed the course
  • Course completion has been configured
In progress block I.png

Courses are displayed in the order in which they have been recently accessed, that is, the course that has been accessed most recently is listed first.

Course cards can be hidden from the list of in-progress courses. Sometimes users can't complete courses for whatever reason (technical, not relevant anymore, other). To declutter the block, hiding these 'uncompletable' courses is done via the Hide from view option. Once there are hidden courses, a Show hidden option is shown at the bottom of the block; once selected, hidden cards will be shown, alongside a Hidden indicator and an option Don't hide.

In progress block II.png

In the block settings, you can configure which courses are shown:

  • Enrolled courses with completion enabled that are not completed
  • All courses except completed
In progress block configuration.png