Health center

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(Additional tools may be found elsewhere in the admin settings)

Note: The Health center tool has been removed from new installations of Moodle 4.x.

The code for the Health center tool is currently available from the Plugins directory.

Warning: The health center tool is no longer maintained. See comments in MDL-35212 for further details.

The current list of health checks is:

  • Extra characters at the end of config.php or other library function
  • $CFG->dataroot does not exist or does not have write permissions
  • cron.php is not set up to run automatically
  • PHP: session.auto_start is enabled
  • PHP: file_uploads is disabled
  • PHP: memory_limit cannot be controlled by Moodle
  • SQL: using account without password
  • Random questions data consistency
  • Multi-answer questions data consistency
  • Only multi-answer and random questions should be the parent of another question
  • Course categories tree structure