Course tagger

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By default, only editing teachers and managers can edit course tags, as they have the capability moodle/course:tag

If you wish other users to be able to tag courses without being able to edit other course settings, then you must create a new role with this capability and assign it in the course context. Here is how:

Creating the Course tagger role

  • As an administrator, go to Site administration>Users>Permissions>Define roles and click the 'Add a new role' button at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the next screen, choose 'No role' as role archetype and click 'Continue'
  • Give the role a name and if desired a description and tick the "Course" context.
  • In the filter, type 'course:tag' and set this to 'Allow' (You might need to 'Show advanced')
  • Create this role.

Assigning a user the role of Course tagger

  • Go to the course in question; access Course administration >Enrolled users and enrol the user with this new role.
  • Note that if you wish teachers to do this, then you must first tick this role for the teacher from Site administration > Users >Permissions > Define roles >Allow role assignments.

What the user sees

A user with the role of Course tagger will see a new link - Course administration >Course tags, from where they can tag the course.