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MoodleNet is an open, social, media platform for educators, initially focused on sharing and curating collections of open content. It is a central place from where educators can easily detect quality content to meet the needs of their learners and courses. You can either use MoodleNet Central, the global public MoodleNet, or install your own instance of MoodleNet. If you are a developer interested in installing your own instance of MoodleNet, you can get support in the MoodleNet area of the Moodle Research Lab on

Overview of MoodleNet

Course teachers can add content from MoodleNet and share content to MoodleNet. Admins can enable either or both of these.

Add from MoodleNet

The setting for allowing course teachers to add/import from MoodleNet is known as MoodleNet inbound settings and are enabled by default.

The page Add from MoodleNet gives more information.

Share to MoodleNet

The setting for allowing course teachers to share content to MoodleNet is known as MoodleNet outbound settings and must be enabled by the administrator.

The page Share to MoodleNet gives more information about enabling this feature and how course teachers can use it.