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What is the content bank?

The content bank is an area in Moodle where content (currently H5P content) may be stored, edited and created.

The content bank repository gives access to these files from the file picker.

Content bank

Where is the content bank?

As a teacher, when you are in a course you'll find a link to the content bank from Course navigation > More (Boost-based themes) or under Site pages (Classic-based themes).

Files may be viewed in list view by clicking the icon top right of the content bank.

The content bank repository is available from the file picker to locate and add H5P files into courses.

How does the content bank work?

New H5P content may be created via the Add button. It can be edited by clicking into the content then clicking Edit:

Editing existing H5P

H5P activities can also be uploaded into the content bank then edited if required.

H5P activity types available in the content back are automatically downloaded via CRON or can manually be added by uploading h5p activity files (*.h5p).

H5P options

  • Click into an H5P activity and from the More dropdown, access the option you want:

New feature
in Moodle 4.3!

  • Click on More and select Copy content to make a copy of an activity which you can then edit.

Searching the content bank

  • The search field above the content bank allows you to search for H5P content in the course you are in.
  • When adding an H5P activity from Add an activity or resource > H5P, you can search the content bank for H5P in other courses and categories, depending on permissions.
Searching the content bank

Restoring a course with a content bank

When restoring a course, the content bank contents are also restored to the new course. Please keep in mind that the user who restores the course will be the owner of the content bank contents in the new course, and this will affect who can edit or delete the contents based on the Delete any content from the content bank and Manage any content from the content bank capabilities.

Admin settings

  • From Site administration > Plugins > Content bank > Manage content types, you can enable and disable H5P content.
  • From Site administration > Repositories > Content bank you can rename the content bank repository if desired.


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