Drag and drop matching question type

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This page is about the drag and drop matching question type

Question type similar to the matching question type but with a drag and drop interface for the students during attempt.

Created by Adriane Boyd during 2007 Google Summer Of Code, the drag and drop matching question type is quite similar to the matching question type found in standard Moodle, differences are:

  • during question creation/edition of drag and drop matching questions,
  • an editor is available for each answer (in standard matching question this is not possible because these elements are displayed inside a select menu during question attempts)
  • during question attempts a drag and drop interface is displayed and the student must drag each right element on the correct spot on the left.


  • After choosing to add a drag-and-drop matching question type, give it a name and write the question text:

ddmatch question type 01.png

  • Write the items that will be matched:

ddmatch question type 02.png

  • If you want, you can write a couple of distracting items, that do not match with any question (the question box is left empty):

ddmatch question type 03.png

If you will allow multiple tries, you can write the hints and options for the second and third attempt: ddmatch question type 04.png

  • If you use Tags write or choose the appropriate tags

ddmatch question type 05.png

What the student sees

The student must drag one item on the right side and drop it into the matching empty box on the left side: ddmatch question type 06.png

The computer will mark the correct and incorrect matches: ddmatch question type 07.png

  • It is important to have a reasonable feedback, so that the student knows what went wrong:

ddmatch question type 08.png