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About H5P

  • H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. It enables educators to create content such as interactive videos, quizzes and presentations.
  • H5P activities can be created, edited and added to Moodle thanks to a new H5P activity and Content bank in Moodle 3.9 onwards.
Content bank and H5P

Creating and editing H5P content

  1. To create and/or edit H5P content, go to the content bank, accessible when in a course from the Navigation drawer (Boost theme) or from Site pages in the Navigation block (Classic theme).
  2. Click the Add button and select the activity you want. For more information, see Content bank.

Adding an H5P activity to a course

See H5P activity for how to create an H5P activity in a course.

Embedding H5P

  • Existing H5P activities, e.g. from h5p.org or h5p.com) may be embedded into activities and resources such as a Lesson or a Book, by clicking the H5P icon in the Atto editor.


  • The URL can be linked to or else the file can be uploaded. Note that if you enter a URL, the Display H5P filter should be enabled and the URL should be listed as an allowed source in Site admin / Plugins / Filters / Display H5P.
  • You can also use the Content Bank repository to pick the existing content. Remember that if you add the content as an alias, any content edition will update this instance; but if you add it as a copy changes won't be applied, See Working with files for more details
  • If the Display H5P filter is enabled by the admin, then simply paste the URL into the text editor and save. Note that any URLs used need to be listed as an allowed source in Site admin / Plugins / Filters / Display H5P.

Admin settings

Manage H5P content types

  • In order for teachers to upload and display existing H5P files in their courses, the appropriate H5P content types and libraries must be available on the site.
  • A scheduled task Download available H5P content types from h5p.org should do this automatically (but check if it is enabled and has already run after first upgrading your site.)
  • If it is not possible to use this scheduled task, then the Site administration page 'Manage H5P content types' allows you to upload necessary files.
  • Note also that without the scheduled task or the relevant files being uploaded, course teachers will receive an error message when trying to upload H5P content.

Import H5P question types into Moodle question bank

A plugin is currently (may 2020) being developed to allow you to import some (not all) H5P question types into Moodle compatable question types.


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