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Decaf theme

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This is a contributed (third party) three column full width theme for Moodle written by Lei Zhang and maintained now by Paul Nichols.

The theme is customisable through Moodle's theme settings.

Theme Features

  1. Main feature of Decaf: the Awesome Bar navigation which is at the top rather than at the side.
  2. Plus there is a nice small edit button rather than the usual row of icons.

Illustration of decaf-course menu combo


Configurable Options

Important Note: When making changes to any theme please ensure that Theme Designer Mode is enabled to ensure your changes appear.

The menus

From a post in the plugins forum:

You can't run Awesome bar AND the built in Nav and Settings menus. Just to much overhead. So, you are best to

  1. Go to home page and for NAV and SETTINGS blocks show on front page only
  2. Then "hide on front page"
  3. In DECAF settings set both to 'Show on front page=NO".

Other themes with the Awesome bar

Theme Settings

The only setting to be aware of here is the show other menus (switch all settings/admins menus OFF as if you don't it will run like a dog)

Decaf Options.jpg

Edit button

This option uses a small edit button rather than a number of edit option icons.

Hide settings and/or navigation

Needed really

Show user picture

Add custom menu before/After Awesome bar

One Menu Option.jpg

Download link

You can download the theme from

Interesting hacks and Mods

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