Self completion block

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The self completion block provides a link for students to manually declare that they have completed the course. This may be used on its own as the sole condition for completion or may be part of multiple conditions. See Course completion for more.

When a student believes they have completed the course, they click on the "Complete course" link in this block.

Self completion block

Using the self completion block

To allow a student to decide for themselves when they have completed a course, there are two things to do:

  1. Turn on editing and add the the "Self completion" block to the course.
  2. In Course administration > Course completion the setting "Condition: Manual Self Completion" must have the "Enable" box checked.

The student may then click the "Complete course link" in the block when ready. They are then asked to confirm they have completed the course and the course status will change to "complete".

Student view of status change in Course completion status block before and after

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