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This feature allows users to view a personal timetable.

How do I get to it?

As standard, there are no links to this page; the idea is that you create a 'My Timetable' link on one of your own menus (probably either in a theme or html block, but can be anywhere).

  • A link pointing to [yourmoodle]/blocks/mrbs/web/userweek.php will give any user their own timetable.
  • [yourmoodle]/blocks/mrbs/web/userweek.php?user=[userid] (where userid is the users id(not idnumber)) will link directly to another users timetable. Only users with the block/mrbs/viewalltt capability are permitted to view other users' timetables.

Which bookings are displayed?

There are two classes of bookings that are displayed on this page:

  1. Bookings that belong to the user
  2. Bookings which correspond to moodle courses (via the shortname) which the user is enrolled on as a student.

The second of these sounds a bit complicated, but as long as your booking names match up to your course shortnames then it will all work.

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