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The block/mrbs:forcebook capability empowers certain users to book rooms even if they are already occupied. Any bookings currently in those rooms are automatically moved to the most suitable empty room.

The force book checkbox can be selected any time a booking is made/edited (assuming correct permissions); it will override the 'only allow choice of free rooms' feature and will reload the complete rooms list so that an occupied room can be selected. When such a booking is made, the booking will be moved according to the criteria listed below. The users who own the bookings will be notified via email about the movement of their booking. If there are any errors with moving the booking (e.g. there are no suitable rooms available) then an error is displayed and an email is sent to the mrbs admin.

Room Selection Criteria

  • Only rooms with 'teaching' in their description will be considered
  • If the booking name matches a course shortname, only rooms with enough capacity for all the students will be considered
  • Rooms with 'special' in the description will only be considered if they are within the same area
  • Only rooms that are not occupied at the relevant time will be considered

Of these rooms, the most order of preference is:

  1. Rooms with matching descriptions and in the same area
  2. Rooms with matching descriptions
  3. Rooms in the same area
  4. Any other rooms

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