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Learning analytics

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Learning Analytics are any piece of information that can help an LMS user improve learning outcomes. Users include students, teachers, administrators and decision-makers.

Moodle Plugins

There are a number of reports, blocks and other plugins for Moodle that provide learning analytics.

Plugin Plugin type Standard / Additional Useful for Description Reported usage*
Logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers Filterable log of events 71.4%
Activity Report Standard Teachers View count of activities in course 69.1%
Activity completion, see also Course completion Report Standard Teachers Completion matrix of students and activities 66.3%
Live logs Report Standard Teachers, Admins Automatically refreshing log of events 55.2%
Feedback Activity Standard Teachers, Researchers Configurable survey tool 59.5%
(Quiz) Statistics Report Standard Teachers Student quiz performance report 53.0%
(Course) Participation Report Standard Teachers Single student's participation in course 49.9%
Survey Activity Standard Teachers, Researchers Set of standardised educational surveys 45.6%
Questionnaire Activity Additional Teachers, Researchers Configurable survey tool 45.3%
Course overview Report Standard Admins, Decision-makers Comparison of participation across multiple courses 45.0%
Course completion status Block Standard Students View of student's own completion of activities 41.4%
Progress Bar Block Additional Students, Teachers Time management tool for students with overview for teachers 32.0%
Events list Report Standard Teachers, Admins Events that can be monitored/searched in logs 28.6%
Activity results block Block Standard Students Leader-board of results in single activity 26.1%
Configurable Reports

(A list of contributed reports)

Block (Report Graphs filter) Additional Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers Report generation and viewing 22.7%
(Gradebook) Overview Report Standard Teachers, Students View of student grades across activites N/A
Statistics Report Standard Admins, Decision-makers Daily activity across site N/A
Event monitor Report Standard Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers Proactive, focussed monitor tool N/A
Ad-hoc database queries Report Additional Teachers, Admins, Decision-makers SQL-based report generation and viewing N/A
Engagement Analytics Block, Report, Activity module Additional Teachers Configurable engagement measurement report and block N/A
Course Dedication Block Additional Students, Teachers Estimated time online for students N/A
Graph Stats Block Additional Teachers, Admins Daily visits to site or course N/A
GISMO Block Additional Teachers Numerous charts of student activity participation N/A
Level Up! Block Additional Students, Teachers Incentive-drive participation meter N/A
Forum Graph Report Additional Teachers Graph of forum interactions N/A
Analytics Graphs Block Additional Teachers Visualisation of student participation N/A
Heatmap Block Additional Teachers Colour-coded indication of activity views on course page N/A
Analytics Local Additional Admins, Decision-makers Enriched feed to Google Analytics and Pywick N/A
Logstore xAPI Logstore Additional Admins, Decision-makers, Researchers xAPI event stream output N/A

* Reported usage is drawn from the Plugins Usage Survey from 2015.

Integrations with Moodle

A number of systems integrate with Moodle to provide learning analytics information externally.

Dimensions of Analytics

Learning analytics are a concept that has been emerging under a number of different names through the past decades. Its origins lie in research in data mining and intelligent tutoring systems. LA tools can be categorised in a number of ways:

  • Descriptive
  • Predictive
  • Diagnostic
  • Prescriptive

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Project Inspire

Project Inspire is an open source, transparent next-generation learning analytics that go beyond simple descriptive analytics to provide predictions of learner success, and ultimately diagnosis and prescriptions (advisements) to learners and teachers. Moodle’s Project Inspire is essentially Moodle’s Analytics Plan. The project aims to identify and validate, indicators of student, teacher and institutional engagement in educational activities. Information from this will be used to develop learning analytics software features, which will have these functions:

  • Description of learning engagement and progress,
  • Diagnosis of learning engagement and progress,
  • Prediction of learning progress, and
  • Prescription (recommendations) for improvement of learning progress.

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