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Plagiarism Prevention Turnitin

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Turnitin is a commercial plagiarism detection system which requires a paid subscription to use - there are currently 3 different options available to use Turnitin in Moodle

Plagiarism Plugin (plagiarism_turnitin)

A Plagiarism Prevention plugin which allows existing Modules to "call" the plagiarism service. This supports Moodle assignments, workshop activities, forums, and essay questions within the quiz activity.

This plugin includes support for Turnitin's full feature set including grademark (online marking system)

Moodle Turnitin tool Plugin (mod_turnitintooltwo)

This is a standalone Moodle module that is similar to the advanced assignment type, however it adds a range of Turnitin specific functionality. The current version is available from the [Plugins db]. The key aim of the development is to represent all features of Turnitin within the Moodle workflow as and when they become exposed through the Turnitin API.

The Direct Plugin works on the principle of mapping a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle with an assignment in Turnitin, once mapped all submissions made on either side are synchronised reflecting any changes on both platforms. It is therefore possible to access the assignments created using the plugin by logging in to either system. There is the option to disable emails sent out to students which means login details and welcome emails are not sent which encourages students to submit only through Moodle. GradeMark grades are represented in the Moodle gradebook and originality scores are displayed in the Moodle Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

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Turnitin sim check (plagiarism_turnitinsim)

This is a simple version of the plagiarism plugin which only provides the similarity report engine - it does not integrate with Turnitin's other main products in the same way as the plagiarism_turnitin plugin does. This plugin is available in the plugins db:

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