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This is a start towards a summary of the key aspects of Moodle 2 for a newcomer. Merely some links to pages in docs.moodle.org and some comments. Derek Chirnside 03:01, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

File management

File Picker

There is now no concept of "course files" in Moodle. There is a Legacy Course Files repository. BUT: as of now 02:23, 19 December 2010 (UTC) we may be advised to not work this way, and rely on a repository way ow working.

Martin's essay on Course Files: Course_files



  • Blocks may be added to any page in Moodle
  • Any block can be made sticky so that it appears in all the contexts below, such as throughout a course or a particular activity
  • On certain pages e.g. My Moodle blocks may be positioned in the centre of the page as well as in the left or right columns
  • Blocks can be placed on the side of the screen (if the theme supports it) via the Dock icons ( Dock to block.png and Block to dock.png ).


Nothing really on themes yet: Themes_2.0_FAQ


Everything categories


A new forum type "Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format" enables teachers to create forums which work as course blogs. Comments are now possible. And different levels of visibility.


Needs system admin to set up. Essentially site wide groups, also relates to categories.

Moodle wiki

Nothing really there yet: see the video Wiki_module_2.0

More on File Picker etc

Forum postings