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Moodle Mobile FAQ

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How can I use Moodle on mobile devices?

The official Moodle mobile app allows you to view and participate in courses from your mobile.

Even without the app, recent versions of Moodle should have mobile-friendly (responsive) themes to improve the user experience when accessing courses on smaller devices.

I cannot access with old users, but I can with recently created ones! =

Please, do a "Purge all caches" via the Moodle administration settings, this will solve the problem.

I can't get the app to work. Where can I get help?

If you are a student or teacher, first contact the administrator of your organisation's Moodle site.

If you are the administrator and you have enabled mobile services on your site, please check:

  1. If your site uses an SSL certificate, it must be a trusted certificate, not self-signed. Please use this tool or a similar one to check that your certificate is fine: SSL Checker. All the checks must be ok, including the "Certificate Chain Complete". Otherwise the app might work on iOS but not on Android.
  2. Debugging is disabled (in Site administration > Development > Debugging)
  3. Check that the ADOdb debug option is disabled if you are using the external database auth or enrolment plugin. (In Plugins > Authentication > External database and in Plugins > Enrolment > External database).

If you still have a problem, please post in the Moodle for mobile forum.

I think I found a bug with the app. What do I do?

  1. Log in to the Moodle Mobile tracker (you'll need to create a tracker account if you've not done so previously)
  2. Check whether the issue has already been reported by searching all the issues
  3. If not, report the bug by clicking the 'Create Issue' link at the top right of the page, selecting 'Moodle Mobile' as the project
  4. Add a detailed description then click the Create button
  5. Attach the following files to the issue by selecting 'Attach Files' in the 'More actions' dropdown menu:
    • 'Device information' - this can be found in the app (Settings -> Development -> Device info, you can send yourself this information by email using the e-mail button at the bottom)
    • App Log (Settings -> Development -> Show Log, again you can send yourself this information by email)

The Moodle Mobile app says I need 2.4 or higher (Cannot connect: Verify that you have typed correctly the URL and that your site uses Moodle 2.4 or later)

I can't view the courses tab as an administrator

The Moodle Mobile app only displays courses you are enrolled in. If you want to see courses as an admin, you need to enrol in them.

I got the "we lost connection; you need to reconnect. Your token is now invalid." on my custom version of Moodle Mobile

Please check:

  1. You have followed all the steps listed in Moodle Mobile Developing a plugin tutorial
  2. You have enabled the moodle/webservice:createtoken capability for the authenticated user

I get "Error: No permission to create web service token for the service local_mobile" when attempting to log in as an admin

You need to create a token for the admin account (only) as follows:

  1. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage tokens
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter the admin username and select 'Moodle Mobile additional features service' (i.e. NOT leave it as 'Moodle Mobile web service')
  4. Click the 'Save changes' button.

I get the error "Invalid response value detected" when accessing the site

The user quota global setting should be an integer. For more details, see the discussion How to enable Moodle Mobile App for all accounts.

I get the error "A required parameter (username) was missing"

This may happen if your site implements HTTP Redirects, the request is redirected by the browser not passing the POST parameters.

Unfortunately, this is something we cannot control in the Mobile app (it can't be handled via Javascript), please read this for more information:

The solution is to change the HTTP Redirect and use an HTML page with a meta tag or Javascript redirect

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