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Using RSS feeds

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Activities and other areas that produce RSS feeds

Subscribing to RSS feeds

To subscribe to an RSS feed from Moodle, go to the activity, click on the orange 'RSS' button and copy the address from your browser bar to your RSS reader software.

Restricting access to RSS feeds

To ensure security and privacy, RSS feed URLs contain a special token that identifies the user they are for. This prevents users from accessing areas of Moodle they shouldn't have access to via RSS feeds.

Users have this token automatically created for them the first time they access an area of Moodle that produces an RSS feed. If a user feels that their RSS feed token has been compromised in some way they can request a new one by going to Settings > My profile > Security keys and clicking the Reset link next to the RSS key.

To provide a public RSS feed for use on another site, login to your Moodle site as a guest, then copy the RSS feed address.