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Using Quiz

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This page explains how a quiz is accessed and used by students and teachers. It also offers some hints as to good practice in using the quiz module.

How students take a quiz

  • Click on the quiz link on the course homepage and read the information to check you're in the right quiz.
  • Click on "Attempt quiz now" button.
  • Click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to see the next page of questions
  • Click on the "flag" in the box next to the question to put a temporary marker on it


  • Notice the Quiz navigation block in the upper right corner. You can use it to jump to any question. Question boxes for the current pag are in bold. Flagged questions will have a "red corner" in their box


  • To finish the exam,click "Finish attempt" in the navigation block of "Next" on the last page of the exam.
  • The "Summary of attempt" page - reviews the questions and alerts you to questions not attempted.


  • Click on any question page number or "Return to attempt" to go back to the quiz.
  • Click on "Submit all and finish" to have your quiz scored. A warning will pop up telling you you can no longer change your answers.


If Moodle detects that the student's Internet connection has dropped, and the Quiz autosave feature is enabled, a warning message is displayed, prompting the student to make a note of recent responses.

Disconnection warning

Quiz autosave is enabled by default, with the default time period set to 2 minutes. This autosave period can be changed, or the setting disabled completely, from Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Quiz>Autosave period.

How students review a quiz

  • In the quiz navigation block incorrect answers are RED: partially correct answers are YELLOW and correct answers are GREEN. The flags are still visible:


  • In the questions themselves, correct answers will be in green with a check mark. Incorrect answers will be in red with a cross. will have a green check mark next to your correct answer
  • According to your teacher's settings, you might get general feedback, specific feedback on each question and/or overall feedback on your final score.
  • Although the quiz may have been split into multiple pages, the review will show all the questions on a single page to make it easier to navigate. You can chose to review the quiz with separate pages as it was when you took the quiz.

Results in a quiz using CBM (Certainty-based marking)

Quizzes using CBM provide detailed feedback relating to accuracy and certainty:

CBM feedback

For more information on how CBM works and how students may benefit from it, see Using certainty-based marking

Saving questions and returning later to a quiz

  • If you answer a number of questions and then want to complete the quiz at a later time,click "Finish attempt".
  • When you return to continue the quiz, Moodle will remember which page you were on and allow you to continue from there, having saved your previous questions.

Retaking a quiz

If your teacher has allowed multiple attempts, when you click on the quiz again you will be informed how many attempts you have remaining along with your previous scores.

How teachers view a quiz

Note: Once a quiz has been attempted, it is not possible to add or delete questions unless previous scores are removed.

  • When attempts have been made on the quiz, the teacher can click the quiz name and access the reports by clicking the link "Attempts - (No. of attempts.
  • It is then possible to filter the reports according to preference:


  • A teacher may also access quiz results by clicking on the quiz name in the Navigation block. This opens up other links, enabling them to view by grade, by correct response, by statistics and by manually graded responses:


  • Each individual question may be filtered in score order and individual student quiz responses may be viewed by clicking "Review attempt" next to their name.
  • For more information on how quiz responses are reported, see Quiz reports.

Commenting on or regrading responses

  • By clicking on the score of an individual question, a teacher may comment on it or override the grade:


Messaging students who haven't completed a quiz

  • From the Administration block, click Reports>Course participation
  • From the drop down, choose your quiz.
  • In Show only, choose "Student" and in Actions, choose "post"
  • In the list that appears, tick/check the boxes next to those you wish to message.
  • In the bottom dropdown With selected users, choose "send message"


Ideas for using Quiz

Quizzes may be used:

  1. as unit or course exams
  2. as mini-tests for reading assignments or at the end of a topic
  3. as exam practice using questions from previous years' exams
  4. to deliver immediate feedback for printed workbook activities
  5. to provide feedback about performance
  6. for self assessment
  7. (with the use of the Quiz creator role) to allow students to generate their own quiz questions for a practice question bank.

Quiz examples of use

  • Certified training course exams linked - This is used in an asynchronous 24/7 course, where students purchase enrollments. There are a series of exams (quiz) with activity locking (looking forward to Moodle 2.0) and set conditional dependencies based on a minimum score on the previous exam. We may use Lesson module or some sort of resource to present the content, then give an exam. Our question categories are organized by these exams, our Final exam pulls a selection of random and fixed questions from each of the categories. Taking the Final is dependent upon meeting the last exam minimum score. The certificate is tied to the score on the Final. We use an exported copy of grades to give us a sense of how students are doing in each subject area. Based upon this data, we will look at a quiz's item analysis for commonly missed questions.
  • Gather proctor of student test information - Use short answer questions in a quiz to gather contact information about who is going to vouch that a student followed the testing rules at a remote location. We also provide a pdf statement for the proctor to sign for the students records. A 100% score on this "quiz" allows them to take the final and hopefully receive a certificate.

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