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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.8. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Sandbox.

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Steven's Second Comment

The text below comes from some instructions that a colleague wrote, for an app on a tablet. It was written in Word, so I used the Word plug-in for Media Wiki to create the formatting, or try to create the formatting. Next, I need to get the pictures fixed. I suspect that will involve uploading the images and changing in the links to images.

Completing an Assessment

To view and complete assessments, follow these steps.

  1. Start Myprogress, open Assessments by tapping the Dashboard icon, in top-left corner. [[image:|63x36px]]
  2. Select an assessment from the list that you need to complete. [[image:|153x52px]]

  1. Tap the Pencil icon in top-right corner, to begin the assessment. [[image:|25x25px]]

  1. Enter your name and email address, before you start filling in the form. C:\Users\fhowat\Desktop\Android Screenprints for Student Guides\Step 7. Basic layout of an assessment form (with assessor email validation).jpg

  1. Tap the Aa symbol in the top-right hand corner, if you want to change the viewing settings of an assessment. 25x19px

  1. Tap the Circle next to the answer, to answer multiple choice questions. [[image:|22x42px]]

  1. Tap on the Empty Field in the right hand corner next to the question to reveal a dropdown menu of options, to answer a question which uses a rating scale.


  1. Tap the Save icon in the top-right hand side. [[image:|20x22px]]

  1. Select Send & share online as complete to save the assessment. [[image:|198x72px]]

NOTE: If you fail to answer any question, a pop up box will appear to remind you that you must complete all questions.

My First Comment

This is my first comment in the sandbox, as I learn how to add comments to Moodle docs. I added a horizontal line at the end of this comment.

It seems easy enough to make text bold or italic. But I'm still figuring out how to add a [link], at least one that works.

I'm going to try some other options later, but overall, I wish the formatting bar used here had similar features to the formatting bar in Moodle.

Test page for docs

Testing email notification



  • hi*


Col1 Col2
Test1 Test2
Test1 Test2
Test1 Test2

Functions and Examples

Following are the functions that constitute the basic log API for Moodle.

 add_to_log($courseid, $module, $action, $url='', $info='', $cm=0, $user=0)
 get_logs($select, array $params=null, $order='l.time DESC', $limitfrom='', $limitnum='', &$totalcount)
 get_logs_usercourse($userid, $courseid, $coursestart)
 get_logs_userday($userid, $courseid, $daystart)

The basic working of these functions can be categorized into two categories:-

  1. Adding data to logs
  2. Fetching data from logs

Let us take a deeper look into both of these:-

something in pre tags
and something in code tags

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Testing gallery

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