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Dropbox repository

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The Dropbox repository enables users to copy files from their own Dropbox into Moodle.

Enabling the Dropbox repository

The Dropbox repository may be enabled by a site administrator in Settings > Site administration > Modules > Repositories > Manage repositories.

Sign up app keys at dropbox

  1. Go to
  2. Create an app, you must change app status to Production. This feature is only availble for new API developers, but not for Moodle repository users. See MDL-26949
  3. Copy the app keys (scroll if necessary)

NOTE: The only way to get App stats for Production approved is to use an acceptable App name. The App name should be something like "Moodle With Dropbox" - with dropbox is the key part of the name (can't just use dropbox). Otherwise, you'll receive an email that says "Your app name does not follow Dropbox branding guidelines (found here: ). Please choose a new name and submit a request to change your app name to"

Dropbox configuration

Once enabled by the administrator, a Dropbox API Key and Secret will need to be added to the Dropbox settings in order for it to work. This will be the Dropbox available to all users throughout the site (and each will need the correct Dropbox login credentials to access it from their courses). To gather the Dropbox API Key and Secret click the "Dropbox Developers" link on the Dropbox repository settings page. On the next page you'll be prompted to login with your Dropbox username and password and to create a Dropbox app.

Once the App has been created at you'll have the API Secret and Key available at the bottom of the App page. Entering those on the Dropbox settings page (and clicking Save) back in Moodle will finish the configuration. Dropbox is now available to the entire site.

To access it editing teachers need only "Add..." a new file while editing or creating a resource to see Dropbox as a new option.

Import files from Dropbox into Moodle 2.0 video:


Repository capabilities

There is just one capability, View a Dropbox folder, which is allowed for the default authenticated user role.

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