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Old template {{Grades}}
New template {{Gradebook}}
keep the existing redirect from Grades
General overview, link to glossary of terms? Need a good menu on this page...
Gradebook, redirected from Grades - OU, Dec 10, 1.9 VI, large menu on the side needs a review, rich but confusing for a newcomer,
need to make this whole section a lot more user/teacher-friendly (eg. 'pushed by a module' means little or nothing to thousands who (will)
land here, need lots of links to examples.
General_grade_settings - OU, Feb 11, 1.9 VI, combine with Gradebook for a better overview
Grade_permissions - O, Jan 11, site/course/module level links to capabilities. Incorporate this/link to?
Development:Grades#API_for_communication_with_modules.2Fblocks - developers only, link may be handy though
Simplifying_the_gradebook_by_changing_permissions - OU, handy but need to be fairly advanced before you can 'simplify'...?

Grade items

= 'grading individual activities'
Grade_items - OU, Aug 10, 1.9 VI, good breakdown (Activity, Outcome, Manual) but need to clear up & offer examples (!) 
Grade_calculations - O, Dec 10, averages, sums, weightings ... link to example(s) would be good
Edit_grade_calculation re-directed to Grade_calculations but not sure if that's where I'd go for editing...

Grade categories

=  'grading a group of activities'
Grade_categories - Dec 10, OU, 1.9 VI this thing sorely needs an example! 
Edit_categories_and_items - OU, Mar 10, 1.9 VI, detailed, includes info on legacy grades, moving categories & items, 
has pics but examples would be good
Category_aggregation - GC, Dec 10, 1.9 VI, good, include it, good note about 'empty grades'
Grade_category_settings - OU, Jan 11, 1.9 VI, from Admin menu, useful to pull some of these things to 'Advanced' for teachers, even though
Admin is the person to do it. Optional