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Course enrolment

Useful sources, remember there is an entire section on Authentication in 'Managing a site':
Enrolled_users - G, Dec 10, Moodle 2 VI & text, good mention of difference that ALL users now enrolled, need to 
mention 'visible' and not (eg Manager)Enrolment - OU, Sep 09, basics, needs Moodle 2 update
Enrolments_2.0 - Dec 10, stub, has Moodle 2 VI, basic structure can expand and incorporate parts form elsewhere
Enrolment_methods - Dec 10, stub, mentions diff in Moodle 2 but needs more, maybe a menu or link to the list - main source worked with
need some good pics of new enrolment plugin(s) throughout!
Enrolment_plugins - GU, Sep 10, Moodle 2 & several plugins links to
Unenrolment - O, Jan 10, Admin-focused but can extract useful info for teachers, see also mentioned at Role_permissions
Upload_users - related but mostly Admin, a bit like Bulk_user_actions
Enrolment_FAQ - GU, Nov 10, 15Q see to changes in Moodle 2, 
Development:New_enrolments_in_2.0 - useful to draw from for Moodle2-specific stuff
Enrolment_plugins - GU, Sep 10, Moodle 2 & several plugins links to

Other users

Difficult deciding where to put Other users in the Table of Contents however I finally choose Course enrolment above Roles and permissions. If anyone has a better location, please shout! --Helen Foster 16:35, 3 November 2011 (WST)