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Complete install packages

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Complete install packages are designed for new installations on a small server or standalone computer. They are available from Moodle Downloads.

There are two types of "complete install packages": one set for Windows and another for Mac operating systems. However, there are other options to install Moodle on larger servers or with different databases.

There are also additional plugins and contributed modules which can be loaded after a complete install package is installed.

  • Please note the "Generic packages" only contain the Moodle code and this is included in a "complete" package.

System requirements

The complete install packages allow Moodle to be installed, along with the prerequisites that includes a web server, database and scripting language (Apache, MySQL and PHP in this case).

 + 256 MB RAM (minimum), 512 MB RAM (recommended)
 + 160 MB free Fixed Disk (more space will be needed depending on user uploads)

Note: The latest complete install package version components, may not be backwardly compatible. Always check version compatibility of each component if you intend to develop materials on a later version of Moodle than the version installed on your "main" Moodle site. In short, complete install packages are designed for first time install on a "clean" machine.

Windows install packages

The Complete install packages for Windows page has the best instructions for the Windows packages. The 2008 download packages uses XAMPP to provide the Apache, MySQL and PHP in a format that crosses most stand-alone Windows platforms, and of course Moodle. The Xampp installer should not be considered suitable for anything more than single user or very small LAN use.

  • For installation on any Windows server, for a larger installation, it is good practice to perform a manual install (see the manual installation section in Windows Installation) of a Standard Moodle package.

Mac install packages

The Complete Install Packages for Mac OS X page has the best instructions for the Mac OS packages. The 2008 download packages uses MAMP to provide the Apache, MySQL and PHP files along with Moodle.

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