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Viewing a quiz

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This page contains general instructions for viewing a completed quiz and taking a quiz. Teachers may use different quiz settings, so these instructions are general.

Taking a Quiz

After clicking on a quiz name the student will be taken to page that displays the quiz name and the quiz introduction. Usually the introduction will tell the student more about the purpose of the quiz and how it will be assessed. If applicable the page will also show the quiz opening and closing dates and times. The student will not be able to access the quiz questions until the opening time. The student must make sure that they submit all answers before the closing time. Late answers will not usually be marked.

Retaking a Quiz

If a student has already attempted the quiz, they will see a table listing all their previous attempts together with the time the student completed them and the marks and grades. Notice that there may be a difference between the "Marks" and "Grade" column. The teacher may have wanted the grade for the quiz to be out of a certain number of points and the Grade column therefore will contain a rescaling of the Marks column to achieve this.

Continuing an uncompleted quiz

A student may be allowed to return to a quiz or the quiz settings might be set to count the return as a new attempt. If there is no button for starting a new attempt then the student has used the maximum number of attempts allowed for the quiz.

Submitting and saving a quiz

There are 3 options to stop a quiz that the student will see at the bottom of a quiz page:

  1. Save without submitting - which, as its name says, saves the answers without submitting them
  2. Submit page (optional) - which submits only a given quiz page
  3. Submit all and finish - which saves the whole quiz

Viewing a completed quiz

See Quiz reports for more ways to view a completed quiz.

Student viewing completed quiz

The teacher may allow the student to go back into a completed quiz to see the quiz pages, questions, the student answers, the correct answer and the score the student received on each question. The teacher can also see each student's quiz.

Remember that in some quizzes, the answers and even the questions can appear in a different order for each students. For those who are used to paper tests, this could require some adjustment in discussing the quiz.

Teacher viewing completed quiz

Once the first student has attempted the quiz, the edit screen looks different. It will not be possible to add or delete questions from the quiz. The teacher can still edit questions.

Here there have been 2 attempts on this quiz. The preview and edit icons for each question are available on the right.
Tip: After changing the marks on a question, the teacher can regrade a quiz after a student views it. For example, mark more than one answer as being correct. When a student views the quiz after a regrade, they will see the changes to their marks.

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