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Upload a single file assignment

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A student can upload a single file.

This could be a Word document, spreadsheet or anything in digital format. Multiple files may be zipped and then submitted. After students upload their files, the teacher will be able to open the submission and use the Moodle interface to assign a grade and offer comments as feedback. A student may submit a file as many times as they like up until the deadline. Only the latest file is retained, and this is the one the lecturer marks.


These settings are in addition to the general assignment settings outlined on editing an assignment.

Allow resubmitting

By default, students cannot resubmit assignments once the assessor has graded them. If you turn this option on, then students will be allowed to resubmit assignments after they have been graded (for you to re-grade). This may be useful if the teacher wants to encourage students to do better work in an iterative process.

To make a resubmission, it is important to note that the instructor does not have to do anything else for the user to make their resubmission, other than that one setting for Allow Resubmitting. Even if they grade the assignment, the user needs only upload a file again to overwrite the old file, and then the submission will be marked as needing to be graded again in the View # submitted assignments page.

NOTE: Moodle will sometimes appear not to be uploading a resubmitted assignment - you seem to be downloading the original assignment. This is a cache issue, in short, go to "Tools > Clear Recent History" in Firefox or "Tools > Delete Browsing History > Delete Temporary Files" in Windows Explorer. The newer file will then appear.

Email alerts to teachers

If enabled, then assessors are alerted with a short email whenever students add or update an assignment submission.

Only assessors who are able to grade the particular submission are notified. So, for example, if the course uses separate groups, then teachers restricted to particular groups won't receive any notices about students in other groups.

Maximum Size

This setting specifies the maximum size of the file which the students can upload as their submission. If your students are uploading word processing documents or spreadsheets, typically you only need to allow for a few megabytes. If your students are submitting multimedia projects or other files with many images or audio clips, then the space allowed will need to be larger.

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