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Theme reference

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This page requires updating for Moodle 2.0. Please do so and remove this template when finished.

This is a reference manual for the theme class and id values. It is based on Moodle 1.54. Please make a note for items that are 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, or 2.0 specific.

Login Page

  • The main part of the page above the breadcrumb navigation.

div id = "page" - The background of the whole page.
div id = "header" - The header section of the page.
div class = "headermain"
div class = "headermenu"
div class = "logininfo"

  • The breadcrumb navigation.

table class = "navbar" - Box surrounding the naviational items.
div class = "breadcrumb" - navigational breadcrumb text.
div class = "navbutton" - drop down box for language selection.
div class = "langmenu" - drop down box for language selection.

  • The actual content of the page

div id = "content"
table class = "loginbox"
div class = "header left"
div class = "header right"
td class = "content left"
td class = "content right"

/* adds a background image to the content of the login box
   on both the right and left side */
.loginbox .content {  
	background-color: white;

/* adds a background image to the header text 
   above the login box on both the right and left side */
#content .header {
 border-color: #dddddd;   
	background-image: url(cellpic3.gif);
	color: #dddddd;

Note: There is class called "content" and there is an id called "content". Make sure that you are referencing the correct one.

Note: "header" is a class name and an id name. Be careful.

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