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Styling standard page elements and parts

Similar functions or content should look and feel the same on all Moodle pages. The more consistently these principles are implemented, the easier the learning environment will be to use. The vision is that Moodle pages build on the same function patterns (PHP and JavaScript) and content patterns (XHTML) and design patterns (CSS). Otherwise, if each module or block requires particular code, then the Moodle files and CSS grow, and the design gets more difficult and tedious.


Lists are widely used in Moodle, including in sideblocks and on course pages. Many Moodle developers use the up-to-date combination of unordered lists and CSS styling for navigation, for example the SCORM module. If all lists use the same XHTML and CSS it is easy to design Moodle themes consistently and with few changes. Actually all lists are different.

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