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Spelling variations

Spelling is not my strong point. I am an American, with English 1st cousins and have been editing Moodle Docs for a few years. I hate looking at red spelling lines and not correcting them. I try to use the Australian-British version of Enrol.


The UK - Australian spellings appear to be: Enrol, Enrolment, Enrollable. The United States people spell them Enroll, Enrollment and Enrollable (my spell checker says this word does not exist). The English are fairly consistent in adding the second l when the base word is followed by a vowel. Americans are fine with Travel and so are the British. However, Americans use traveling and the British use travelling.

Personal opinion, I really don't care what is used in Moodle documentation as long as the en_us language pack has the correct spelling :) --Chris collman 18:46, 1 October 2010 (UTC)