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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Adding/editing a lesson.

Note for contributors: The Moodle help files will remain in each language pack and so it is not necessary to include their text in this documentation. Please edit this page to provide alternative content.

Default feedback setting

We have had two Lesson forum posts in the last two week about this subject. I made an edit but did not go into conditions that caused what might be considered a bug, just what to do if there was a teacher custom feedback that was being over ridden by the default response. I will come back and put the link to where to change the default feedback responses. If I have the time I may gather the facts from the forum and see if this has been put in Tracker --chris collman 06:58, 3 April 2008 (CDT)

Page name

Humm. This page is really about "Lesson Settings".

There should be another page about adding "adding a lesson" which obviously should reference this section.

I will set a redirect for a page on "Lesson Settings" as a quick fix until we/I figure out how to straighten this out. For the record I do like it and would like to link to sections when we are talking about scores, dependencies and flash cards for example. --chris collman 03:20, 5 May 2006 (WST)

Hi Chris, please note that the reason this page is named "Adding/editing a lesson" is because there is a link from a page in Moodle 1.6 with the same name. All other modules have documentation pages named "Adding/editing a ...". --Helen Foster 05:39, 7 May 2006 (WST)
Hi Helen, thanks for explaination. Works for me. Figured there was a reason, not my reason but a reason :) So the redirect is a good solution for the newbie who is trying to find something on lesson settings.--chris collman 06:32, 7 May 2006 (WST)

1.9 potential changes


  • Name:Required field
  • Time limit (minutes)
  • Maximum number of answers/branches

Grade options

  • Practice lesson
  • Custom scoring
  • Maximum grade
  • Moodler can re-take
  • Handling of re-takes
  • Display ongoing score

Flow control

  • Allow student review
  • Display review button
  • Maximum number of attempts
  • Action after correct answer
  • Display default feedback
  • Minimum number of questions
  • Number of pages (cards) to show

Lesson formatting

  • Slide Show
  • Slide show width:Required field
  • Slide show height: Required field
  • Slide show background color:Required field
  • Display left menu
  • and only display if has grade greater than:
  • Progress Bar

Access control

  • Password protected lesson
  • Password

Available from: Day Month Year Hour Minute

  • Deadline:Day Month Year Hour Minute

Dependent on

  • Dependent on
  • Time Spent (minutes)
  • Completed
  • Grade better than (%)

Pop-up to file or web page

  • Pop-up to file or web page
  • Show close button:
  • Window height: Required field
  • width:Required field


  • Link to an activity
  • Number of high scores displayed: Required field
  • Use this lesson's settings as defaults

=Common Module settings

  • Groupings (advanced)
  • Available for groups only check box (advanced)
  • Visable
  • ID number
  • Grade category