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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Lesson reports.

This page is about the Lesson Report tab that is available to a teacher.

  • A teacher in edit mode can click on the "Reports" tab in a lesson.
  • Lesson reports can also be reached from Grades in the course administration menu by clicking on the Lesson name in the column title. Note: the lesson can not be a practice lesson and have a grade to appear in a grades report.
  • Student activity (sometimes called logs) of page views can be seen in the report menu.

Lesson report tab

The Lesson Reports tab has an "Overview" (default) and a "Detailed statistics" screen links. The reports show student scores and grades for an individual lesson.

Lesson Tabs Report18.JPG


This screen has two sections.

  • The top section shows all student attempts. By clicking on the specific attempt, the teacher can view the student's answers to specific questions. It is also possible to delete a student attempt by checking the attempt and using the pull down menu to change "Choose" to "Delete".
Example of Overview, click to expand

Note: the "See all course grades" link that goes to the course grade report.

  • The lower section shows lesson statistics of the: Average score, Average time, High score, Low score, High time, Low time.
Example of Overview, click to expand

Detailed statistics

This view shows every page and the choices offered to a student. It tells the teacher what percentage of the class selected each answer on a question page. While the report is available by clicking on a student's individual attempt,it is different than a quiz report. The Lesson detailed report will give the raw score (for example, 11/13) of a student.

The detailed report shows each page's choice buttons and where the button will jump. Note that it does not tell the teacher what percentage of students selected a content (branch table) page choice.

TIP: The detailed report will not show how the individual student answered each question. This tool is located in the overview tab.

Example of Detail statistics of a question page

Grades in lesson

For a lesson to be graded, it must have at least one question where a student can receive a score and the lesson can not be a practice lesson. Grades are calculated when the student has completed a lesson. Grades are kept for every student attempt.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to change a grade using the Grades report in the administrative block by using the "turn editing on" button. The "See all course grades" link on the Lesson>Report>Overview menu will take the teacher to the Grades report screen.

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