Moodle Mobile Roadmap

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Maintenance relases, security bug fixes...

Release dates not planned

1.3 (July 2013)

Polishing the design and fixing issues found by the community

1.4 (November 2013)

Add support for push notifications from Moodle

New features (depending on WebServices added in Moodle 2.6)

Add community-developed features

Forums offline (read only)

View grades in activities and courses

Future versions

  • Calendar events
  • Notes (view, list)
  • Private messages (send and receives)
  • Assignment grading

New functionalities can be funded for be integrated in the app, see for more info

Proposed New Functionality (Totara Lite)

The following is a list of new features being developed for Totara Lite which we propose be added to Moodle Mobile core.

Specification and design is currently ongoing and more detail will be added as this progresses.

A forum thread to discuss this functionality has been set up here:

  • Ability to enrol into courses (Where self-enrolment is enabled)
  • Ability to view HTML labels (Not necessarily in situ - perhaps in a pop-op or slide-over when an icon is clicked)
  • Ability to launch SCORM activities (Administrators will be able to specify if SCORM activities are suitable for smartphone/tablet/both in the 'desktop' site. These activities will then be launch-able in the mobile app)
  • Ability to support regular SCORM tracking
  • Ability to view page resources (The app won't be responsible for adapting these to fit mobile device screens)
  • Ability to support the feedback module
  • Ability to toggle 'self completion' for relevant activities
  • Ability to warn users automatically when a connection has been lost
  • Ability to brand the web app

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