UK MoodleMoot 06 hackfest

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Monday 24th July, 2006

Welcommen zum Hackfest (OK - I've been watching too much WorldCup on TV).

The first MoodleMoot hackfest is nearly upon us... and we don't have an agenda!

This is an open source agenda for the hackfest. We'll have a day before the Moot to geek out on some code, maybe develop a feature or two, fix some bugs and generally make our favorite learning system a happier place. But I leave it up to you to tell me exactly what we should do. We have four or five rooms with internet connections, a few projectors, and I'll try to get pizza.

Let's start by brainstorming some ideas here for a few days. If someone posts something you're interested in, put your name under it as a vote. The top votes become our central organizing ideas. For example

1 Bug fixing

Let's spend a few hours and hunt down as many outstanding bugs in 1.6 as possible. Bounties for most bugs killed, trickiest bug killed, and most unusual bug killed.

I'm Interested:

  1. Jason Cole
  2. skodak
  3. martin langhoff (auth & enrolment specifically)
  4. Martin Dougiamas

2 What next for the quiz module?

If any other quizzy people are there, we should have a talk about where we see the quiz module going.

I/the OU have the following priorities:

  1. Make question type plugins really plug-in-able. At the moment there are some limitations:
    • All the lang strings are still in lang/en_utf8/quiz.php.
    • qtype plugins cannot easily feed CSS and Javascript into the page.
    • pluggable qtypes and pluggable inport/export filters don't play nicely together.
  2. Write some new question types.
  3. Make some improvements to existing question types.
  4. Get RQP working again, so our in-house question engine can talk to Moodle.

I'm Interested:

  1. Tim Hunt

Performance profiling

Pick a (memory|database) hog and put it on a diet.

I'm interested

  1. martin langhoff

Add your suggestion here ...

Go on, you know you want to.

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