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UK MoodleMoot 06 hackfest

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Willkommen zum Hackfest (OK - I've been watching too much WorldCup on TV).

The first MoodleMoot hackfest is nearly upon us... and we don't have an agenda!

This is an open source agenda for the hackfest. We'll have a day before the Moot to geek out on some code, maybe develop a feature or two, fix some bugs and generally make our favorite learning system a happier place. But I leave it up to you to tell me exactly what we should do. We have four or five rooms with internet connections, a few projectors, and I'll try to get pizza.

Let's start by brainstorming some ideas here for a few days. If someone posts something you're interested in, put your name under it as a vote. The top votes become our central organizing ideas. For example

Practical arrangements

Date: Monday 24th July, 2006

Time: From about 10:00am

How to get to the OU:

Where to go first: You will need to report to main OU reception (in red on the campus map) when you arrive to get signed in (I assume). I assume that Jason will have given reception a list of names, so they know who to expect.

Where to go next: We will be in the Christodoulou Meeting rooms. On the map, find Walton Drive, and follow the line of that up.

What to bring: Please bring a laptop if you can. Food and drink are available on the OU campus, so you don't need to bring that.

1 Bug fixing

Let's spend a few hours and hunt down as many outstanding bugs in 1.6 as possible. Bounties for most bugs killed, trickiest bug killed, and most unusual bug killed.

I'm Interested:

  1. Jason Cole
  2. skodak
  3. martin langhoff (auth & enrolment specifically).
  4. Martin Dougiamas
  5. Juliette White (arriving late though!)
  6. Dan Stowell
  7. Mike McConigley

(iarenaza) I won't be there, but here are a couple of bugs for Martin L., related to auth: #4648 and #5373. Very easy to fix :-)

2 What next for the quiz module?

If any other quizzy people are there, we should have a talk about where we see the quiz module going.

I/the OU have the following priorities:

  1. Make question type plugins really plug-in-able. At the moment there are some limitations:
    • All the lang strings are still in lang/en_utf8/quiz.php.
    • qtype plugins cannot easily feed CSS and Javascript into the page.
    • pluggable qtypes and pluggable inport/export filters don't play nicely together.
  2. Write some new question types.
  3. Make some improvements to existing question types.
  4. Get RQP working again, so our in-house question engine can talk to Moodle.

I'm not going to be there, but I think it would be helpful if you were to discuss ways in which the teacher's usage of the quiz module could be made more efficient, more in terms of grading than in creating quizzes (as there have already been a lot of improvements in that respect in 1.6). I've submitted a lot of bug reports about this already but personally efficiency would be more of a priority to me than new question types.--N Hansen 08:27, 12 July 2006 (WST)

I'm Interested:

  1. Tim Hunt
  2. Jamie Pratt

Performance profiling

Pick a (memory|database) hog and put it on a diet.

I'm interested

  1. martin langhoff
  2. dave scotson (particularly the TinyMCE performance issues mentioned recently by Martin D)

(iarenaza) Once again, I won't be there, but here's an unfixed bug in 1.6.x and HEAD (was fixed in 1.5.x, but not applied to HEAD at the moment): bug #4591

Hacking on the OLPC Board

MartinL will be bringing the OLPC board (if it is booting, and customs allows!) for people to have a play with it. If we have any Mozilla/XUL experts in the house, he will want to explore building a limited cached Moodle UI with it for offline work.

Note: We will need some spare parts & hardware to get the board going. I will bring a power supply, but a VGA monitor, USB mouse + keyboard, USB ext disk, USB hub, and open wifi (no ethernet on the board) will be needed.

JC: We'll make sure you have the appropriate stuff. I need a USB disk anyway.

I'm interested:

  1. martin langhoff
  2. Jason Cole

How to save/retrieve a complete section from stock?

Now the sections become more and more accepted as the tasksets for a week, our teachers wish to have topic oriented stores (courses for the moment) as section stores and want to copy one/more sections form that task store to a clean course..

(In the end we wish that students can select sections from the store to compose their own courses, until the teacher freezes their choice set and the learning game can begin.)

I'm interested:

  1. Ger Tielemans (I arrive a little later, so start with the bugs first, please :))
  2. Jan Kater (same arrival=same message as Ger T.)
  3. Mike McConigley

How to reveale files outside a course without using datadir for course 1?

Can someone explain the right setup and use of the exception array: - we want to show a student (after login) only his own file from that store - we want to show a teacher/tutor only the files from the students in his course(s)

I'm interested:

  1. Ger Tielemans
  2. Jan Kater
  3. Mike McConigley

How to repair the last bug in the old bookmark option ?

We changed William's bookmark in a student only note-taking tool and (thanks Chardelle!) almost repaired the complete bookmark for 1.6. (and it can be accessed from My Page) Bug: Only when the user tries to sort the heder in the overview, the text of the headers disappear. Code clean-up: how to remove obsolete code and make the bookmark pages secure? (Wish for new code: categories are privat, so allow a student to delete a self created category)

I'm interested: Ger Tielemans

How to insert a HTML-editor in old code block and make it secure ?

To make the set of student note-taking tools complete, I found old code to have a global private notebook. (I group this with bookmarks in the calender, so the student has: 1. privat time-related-notes in the calendar, 2. a button for the overview of the privat page-related-notes under the calendar and 3. a global privat notebook for other scribbles..) On this moment this piece of code has a flat text editor, would be nice to have HTML or even the new (Ajax?) miniWiki?)

With the new "View as student button" check like if isstudent() {} offers teachers and admins empty - only for real student - spots (so an error)

I'm interested:

  1. Ger Tielemans
  2. Jan Kater

Improve the way we integrate Rubrics in Moodle, like... (Warning! Has loud audio!)

maybe with some flavors of...

ImportOOI in Lesson

KISS, a tweak of ImportPPT that just grabs the jpgs from a web folder created by Open Office Impress and inserts them into page content of branch tables. No text. Maybe as an option routine if it can't find the outline.htm file ? Or as a version of ImportPPT that only imports these jpg files.

  1. chris collman - wish I could join you and learn

Page-Based Chat Roster and Whiteboard

The COVCELL project is developing a chat module (based on jabber) for Moodle. Chat rosters are to be generated on a per-page basis, so that anyone who is logged in and is viewing a particular page will be able to see who else is viewing that page and start a chat session with them. Group chat will be supported and it will be possible to use a whiteboard (based on Coccinella) in the chat.

More information can be found at:

I'm Interested:

  1. Heinz Kuper
  2. Steinn Sigurðarson
  3. Jens-Martin Loebel
  4. Jamie Pratt
  5. Dave Stott

AV Conferencing and Recording

The COVCELL project is developing a module to provide audio-visual conferencing functionality within Moodle. It shall also be possible to record streams. Our development is based on the Red5 project, which is an open source development of the Flash Comm server.

More information can be found at:

I'm Interested:

  1. Heinz Kuper
  2. Steinn Sigurðarson
  3. Jens-Martin Loebel
  4. Alex Little
  5. Dan Stowell
  6. Andrew Slaughter
  7. Jamie Pratt

MoodleSpeex voice messaging

I've developed a java applet framework for voice messaging called MoodleSpeex (because it uses the Speex codec). It currently allows forums to be converted into speech-based forums, but there are other potential applications. If there are any Java coders in the house it would be great to get some improvements into that.

I'm Interested:

  1. Dan Stowell

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