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Talk:Messaging 2.0

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Revision as of 20:33, 23 June 2012 by Greg Preece (talk | contribs) (Adding more info on other messaging API pages that need updating)
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Could you add some info about server configuration? Does the current work intend that a jabber daemon will be included in Moodle 2? If not, will an admin be able to select a jabber daemon to use? If the intent is to just provide jabber client service, what about config requirements beyond jabber ID? By way of example, if we assume that one is already running jabberd for example, how will the new subsystem interface with that server

Marc Grober 18:45, 5 February 2009 (CST)

Message_send replaced Events API

Since this commit:

Messages are not sent via Events API. Made a small change to indicate the correct call, though I am not sure how the providers work yet. Would appreciate if someone could verify and/or correct what is needed. Caused quite a bit of confusion trying to catch message events when in fact they are never triggered any more :)

--Jason Robinson 14:55, 19 June 2012 (WST)

Merge these docs with Messaging Consumers?

The Messaging Consumers documentation is linked to from the Frankenstyle docs, but features much less implementation detail than is featured here. I propose that we merge the two together, to remove any confusion.

Incidentally, the main plugins list has no link at all for messaging plugins, so I have linked it to here.

--Later edit--

I found more unlinked messaging documentation at Messaging Custom Components and |Message API (which relates to providers, not consumers). These are laid out well and a bit more user-friendly, but they don't have nearly as much info as this page. Needs merging and cleaning up, I reckon.