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Messaging custom components

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Since Moodle 2.0 it has been possible for custom components to send messages and to process a user's received messages via the Moodle messaging system. There are two types of components you may wish to implement.

  • message providers - These create new messages and send them via the message API.
  • message processors - These are optionally enabled by users receiving messages to process messages sent to that user.

Instructions on how to build a message provider and message processor as well as sample code are below.

Message provider

Any component may be a messages provider and send messages through the Moodle messaging API. Full details are provided at Message_API

Message processor

It is possible to create custom components called message processors or message consumer that are notified when a user receives a message. The component can then notify the user via a communication means outside of Moodle or perform some other automated action. Full details of how to create a custom message processor are available at Messaging_consumers