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This document is your starting point for learning about our plans for upcoming releases of Moodle. See our Releases page for details about current and past releases.

Since Moodle 2.0 we have switched to time-based releases rather than feature-based releases, as part of our new development process. Because of this, the details below are an indication of current priorities only, and are subject to change according to how long things take to develop. If something can not be finished for a release then it will generally just be pushed to the next major release.

These larger items in the roadmap are part of a long-term development vision for Moodle, which is heavily influenced by requests from our user community. There will also be a lot of smaller items that come direct from the community and are included in core if they are popular and if they "fit" the overall design.

Major projects we are working on now

  • MDL-25290 - Performance - Add a Moodle Universal Cache (MUC) to improve performance for large sites
  • MDL-31830 - Usability - A new interface for course/category management
  • MDL-34080 - Usability - Completely new default icon set and graphic design
  • MDL-21538 - Forum - Review ForumNG from OU as a complete replacement for forum in core
  • MDL-16660 - Calendar - import iCal streams into the Moodle calendar
  • MOBILE-153 - Mobile - HTML5+WS cross-platform app

Major projects for the near future

  • MDL-34086 - Upgrade 1.9 to 2.2- sprint session to increase robustness for a wider range of sites
  • Course formats refactoring - complete rewrite of code to make course formats more flexible and pluggable
  • Repository plugin for direct audio/video recording into Moodle
  • Wiki - Review OUWiki as a replacement for wiki in core
  • Collection module - an activity module to combine Survey, Questionnaire and Feedback
  • Mnet - replacement using standard Oauth2 mechanisms and web services
  • Multi Tenancy - framework to make it easy to manage multiple instances of Moodle

See also

  • Releases - versions of Moodle that have already been released