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This roadmap collects the best information about upcoming features in Moodle. It is not 100% certain - features may change according to available funding and developers.

Version 1.8 - Expected January 2007

Compliance with all major accessibility standards
All forms can now use a single API for defining forms consistently and collecting data safely.
Allow fields to be added to the user profile.
Setup peer Moodle installations allowing users to roam across, using comprehensive SSO and transparent remote enrolments. Administrators at the originating Moodle install can see logs of remote activity. You can also run your Moodle in "Hub" mode where any Moodle install can connect and users roam across.
Web Services API for Moodle communications. The Moodle Network code includes an XML-RPC call dispatcher that can expose the whole Moodle API to trusted hosts.
  • Groups refactor - Juliette White / Nick Freear (OU)
Groups code will be reorganised to make it more flexible for the future (see 1.9)
  • Blog commenting
You'll be able to make comments on blogs! In time, all comments in Moodle will be merged into the same commenting system.
Payment managers can obtain an authorization code over phone from customer's bank if the credit card of the user cannot be captured on the internet directly.
  • SCORM 2004?
  • New Wiki?

Version 1.9 - Expected April 2007

Abstract all file operations to an API that allows plugins for different external repositories
We plan to have a very simple export for any Moodle course into IMS LD format, as a proof of concept and to help the community start learning about IMS LD.
  • New groups - Open University
Site-wide groups, reusable groups, and assigning activities to groups are the major improvements being developed
The gradebook system will be revamped for performance, switching from our older "pull" model to a "push" model where all modules will now publish grades as necessary into a central table.
Build on the keywords in 1.6 to provide metadata for all activities and courses, linkable to standard lists of metadata such as State-based learning outcomes and curricula

Version 2.0 - Expected July 2007

Support for importing/exporting LD, converting Moodle activities and sequences of activities into a standard format for sharing, and importing standard sequences into Moodle courses
Allowing dependencies and forced paths through the content
Makes it easy for users to find and navigate other systems and external Moodle repositories, leveraging the Moodle Network in various ways.
API for integrating external systems for managing student information

Note: Moodle 2.0 will require PHP 5.1 as a minimum, because of certain improvements not available in PHP 4.

Version 2.1

Interface Moodle activities and repositories to help produce portfolios for internal assessment AND external publication