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Moodle 2.8.6 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 2.8.6 release notes

Release date: Monday, 11th May 2015

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.8.6.


  • MDL-49573 - Fixed bulk insert in SingleView report in Gradebook.
  • MDL-49575 - When "unoverriding" a score in SingleView report, it now also clears the finalgrade field
  • MDL-48187 - Fixed problem with new items automatically marked as extra credit in SWM category in Gradebook
  • MDL-42449 - Grade category is preserved when duplicating a module
  • MDL-46746, MDL-47003, MDL-47002 - Atto editor HTML cleaning is less aggressive and more aware of special tags, especially noticeable when pasting text from Word
  • MDL-48002 - Strip quoted text from "reply by email" forum posts

Functional changes

  • MDL-45619 - It is possible to uninstall repositories
  • MDL-37984 - Switch Google Docs portfolio plugin to use the new Google lib (API EOL)
  • MDL-47337 - Fixed restore with Merge for courses in formats that have section options
  • MDL-49114 - Added env check for slashargument support (as warning only for now)
  • MDL-49359 - Warn regarding MyISAM usage
  • MDL-49256 - Atto can (again) be used outside of form - fixed regression introduced by draft autosaving

UI changes

  • MDL-43558 - Removed empty "Edit" dropdown when "Activity Editing Menu" is set to OFF
  • MDL-39262 - Removed collapsed/expanded controls in Lesson module
  • MDL-49296 - Added tooltips to lesson edit icons
  • MDL-49977 - Added page title on assignment bulk setting pages
  • MDL-49848 - Messaging page made responsive

Security issues

  • MSA-15-0018 Quiz manual-grading is an XSS risk, but does not declare that
  • MSA-15-0019 Possible phishing when redirecting to external site using referer header
  • MSA-15-0020 User fullname disclosure through account confirmation link
  • MSA-15-0021 Any authenticated user can subscribe to site-wide event monitor rules
  • MSA-15-0022 Potential XSS risk when returning text entered by student from Web Services
  • MSA-15-0023 Suspended user is able to login when confirming email
  • MSA-15-0024 User with suspended enrolment can see sections in the navigation tree
  • MSA-15-0025 Capability to manage own files is not respected in Web Services

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-44548, MDL-47729 - SCORM modules added from file system repo are now properly updating when file/s replaced in repo.
  • MDL-21201 - Feedback no longer shows Anonymous responses in Recent Activity Reports
  • MDL-49281 - Fixed bug with gradebook calculations becoming uneditable after upgrade
  • MDL-49227 - Make forum subscription combinations less confusing with different combinations (backport of MDL-48221)
  • MDL-48572 - Grade categories calculate correctly when suspended users are present
  • MDL-48419 - Scorm network check made less agressive
  • MDL-36506 - Book module no longer throws exceptions during upgrade if module is not found
  • MDL-34921 - With MyMoodle as default home, moving items on Site Home no longer redirects to MyMoodle page
  • MDL-49281 - Gradebook calculations cannot be edited after upgrade
  • MDL-38210 - Fixed error when running participation report for Workshop activity
  • MDL-49669 - Fixed error when connecting to external backpack (badges).
  • MDL-46805 - Scorm is able to use AICC even when usernames in Moodle contain charachters like @
  • MDL-48702 - Improve course log export resource consumption and reliability (backport of MDL-34867)
  • MDL-49641 - Optimised syncing shortcuts to external files

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