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At the 2018 MoodleMoot US, Doug Belshaw ran a workshop for attendees on MoodleNet's past, present and future. Participants had an opportunity to discuss what they like about the MoodleNet vision, and what they'd like to see included in the future roadmap.



The session was structured in the following way:

  • Overview of session
  • Introductions
  • MoodleNet overview (+ Q&A)
  • Affinity grouping
  • Island tour activity
  • Next steps

Island tour activity

This involved groups, who split into various affinity groups (sysadmins, corporate, K12, etc.) visiting six different tables in turn. The last of these was generated by participants:

  1. What do you like about MoodleNet?
  2. What questions do you have?
  3. What concerns do you have?
  4. If you could mash together three of your favourite apps, which ones would you choose and why?
  5. What's the very next thing we should add to MoodleNet after the ability to curate collections of resources? (think big!)
  6. What does MoodleNet not solve/address?

1. What do you like about MoodleNet?

  • "Sharing resources"
  • "It's open access"
  • "It's open source"
  • "Public or private"
  • "Can easily build and maintain a knowledge base. Wiki Moodle!"
  • "It's not for profit"
  • "Exemplary courses"
  • "Well thought-out - extensive/large coverage"
  • "Resource aggregation"
  • "Wisdom from international colleagues"
  • "Follows ActivityPub standard"
  • "Community driven"
  • "The big dream"
  • "Curation or vetting (moderation)"
  • "Controlled sharing"
  • "Future opportunities"
  • "Professional Learning Communities"
  • "Resources from different sources"
  • "Inclusivity!! Opportunity for networking"
  • "Starting place for teachers"
  • "Solves a business need for us"

2. What questions do you have?

  • "Can we live chat to solve problems? Then post solution under resources?"
  • "Can/should this be open to students?"
  • "How do you plan to keep communities from getting overwhelmed with too many resources?"
  • "Will this be open to people aged 18+? 14+?"
  • "How would you set up your own MoodleNet?"
  • "What is the roadmap?"
  • "What about copyright for material?"
  • "How will it manage copyright risks?"
  • "Any link with Moodle Association?"
  • "Will different resources have content leaders?"
  • "Do you think it will really work? P.S. Google failed"
  • "Cause links are broken every two years. Where to store?"
  • "Will someone curate the collections?"
  • "Is it exclusive to course content or will it have Moodle solutions?"
  • "How will MoodleNet support collaborative resource curation and continuous improvement rather than curation?"
  • "How do you join (unreadable)?"
  • "Will Moodle partners support instances for customers?"
  • "SSO to MoodleNet from within a Moodle course? Is there a plugin?"
  • "Who's target audience?"
  • "What's the set up for an institutional instance?"
  • "Institutions will have different rules and collection policies - how will these aggregate?"
  • "Risk of shared question banks - cheating?"
  • "Students involved? Moderating chat?"
  • "Can users share Moodle items, like rubric, lesson, book, etc.? Can these be shared with people who don't have access to sharer's Moodle site?"
  • "How are resources verified for accuracy?"
  • "How will/should partners + integrators engage?"
  • "Are there going to be enrolment methods? (limit enrolment)"
  • "Could you create a classroom collection for the students?"
  • "Can you contact users privately?"
  • "Will someone have to be a Moodle user to access community?"

3. What concerns do you have?

  • "What's the 'ask' on central/support teams? (expectation management)"
  • "Levels of granularity in subjects is hard"
  • "Communication to users who are being encouraged to use a plugin but don't have it yet"
  • "How do you know if the resource is good? (rank, rubric, peer review, comments)"
  • "Content maintenance?"
  • "What languages will be supported?"
  • "Becomes so big it is like searching Google w/ lots of information"
  • "3rd party copyright clearance?"
  • "Will there be guidelines for partners/plugins? to be consultants without polluting or marketing/sales?"
  • "Ownership/copyright?"
  • "Scope - can it just be for a state?"
  • "Working w/ existing tools like MERLOT?"
  • "Source version control of content"
  • "Do plugins need additional work to be compatible with resource sharing?"
  • "MDL version + plugins compatibility"
  • "How does this work with existing groups e.g. SUNY?"
  • "'Walled Garden' Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, other LMS's"
  • "How will librarians be involved in this. Curation is their expertise."
  • "Trolls + violations of community rules"
  • "Sustainability"
  • "Attribution of resources"
  • "Assessment security to keep quizzes away from students"
  • "Sustainability when a group/user leaves, will there be a democratic system?"

4. If you could mash together three of your favourite apps, which ones would you choose and why?

  • "Evernote, Slack"
  • "Wolfram Alpha, Feedly, Snip-it / Snipping tool"
  • "Evernote, Instagram, Eventbrite"
  • "Google Keep, Slack, Pinterest"
  • "Zoom (ease of use + features), Google Drive, YouTube"
  • "Evernote, Dropbox, Pinterest"
  • "Classlink, Evernote"
  • "WhatsApp, OneNote, Instagram, YouVersion"
  • "Wolfram Alpha, Feedly, Evernote"
  • "Evernote, Hangouts, YouTube"
  • "Booking, Tinder, Calendar"
  • "Slack, Evernote, Pinterest"
  • "WhatsApp + Twitter (immediacy & dip in + out of social notifications)"
  • "Evernote, YouTube, OneNote"
  • "Trello, Google Calendar, Slack"
  • "Slack, Zoom, Perusall, Pathbrite"
  • "Keep, Slack, BigBlueButton"
  • "TPACK: is content the most needed thing?"
  • "Piazza, WhatsApp, Google Drive"
  • "Evernote, Ginger / Grammarly, WSC (ADA) checker"
  • "Google Drive, YouTube"

5. What's the very next thing we should add to MoodleNet after the ability to curate collections of resources? (think big!)

  • "Backend blockchain integration"
  • "Pinned topics"
  • "Curator / librarians"
  • "Hive mind (issues, problems, solutions)"
  • "Analytics; most used, most searched"
  • "Integration w/ Moodle server for user accounts to get badges or certs."
  • "Bring corporate + higher ed together for good"
  • "Resources on demand - points for building resources"
  • "Analytics"
  • "Open source projects - recruit, use content, earn micro-credentials"
  • "Analytics fed from all opt-in users w/ ability to drill WAY down"
  • "Note: need to learn from Learning Registry aka InBloom"
  • "Feedback from the end user - students of courses feedback comes back to original post"
  • "At the point of authoring, dynamic prompts"
  • "SSO"
  • "Recipes - content in, context of a learning activity and particular tools"
  • "Rating or quality measurement"
  • "Sequences of activities + content, often across tools"

6. What does MoodleNet not solve/address?

Note: Tthis last prompt was provided by workshop participants.

  • "Brokering supply & demand"
  • "Where plugins get involved"
  • "Tolerance - community behavior"
  • "Open personalize analytics"
  • "Student sharing, collaboration, peer tutoring"
  • "Edit posts updated by ver 2"
  • "Confidence of a teacher to share items"
  • "Trolls!"
  • "Technophobes"
  • "Quality of content - assessment process"
  • "Vetting process for content"
  • "Content quality control"
  • "How to bring corporate and higher ed together"
  • "Cultural competence awareness"
  • "Participant health + wellness, mental health"
  • "Information overload"
  • "Lack of credentials for participation"
  • "Content lifecycle"
  • "Governance"