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This page serves as a log of decisions made during the development of Project MoodleNet, along with a brief justification.

  • 6 Aug 18 - Elixir will be the main programming language used by MoodleNet's back-end
  • 13th June 18 - Initial integration will be with MoodleCloud, as that makes it easier in terms of versioning and tightly controlling data flows.
  • 6th June 18 - We're going to use GitLab now that Microsoft has acquired GitHub.
  • 23rd Apr 18 - Martin has decided we are going with the name 'MoodleNet'.
  • Feb 18 - the MVP should be focused on resource curation so that we're not just dropping people into a social network that doesn't have a particular purpose
  • 9th Jan 18 - Renaming 'News feed' component of project to 'Activity feed' to more accurately describe what we're developing.
  • 3rd Jan 18 - Social sign-in shouldn't be the only way to log in to Project MoodleNet (rationale)