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XMLDB preliminary links

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This page includes all the links that were found googling the Internet, searching for info, examples, paths and solutions to the whole project of increasing the supported databases working together with Moodle 1.7 and upwards.

The list below isn't ordered, nor well classified, some of the links could be inaccurate, inexact or trivial, but they have been part of the preliminary work, so they will remain here. Thanks to all of them!

From ADOdb HQ

Installation instructions

Useful links

SQL*Server working in UCS-2 (no UTF-8)

LIMIT clause

OUTER joins

Apart from custom operators supported by different RDBMS, ANSI OUTER joins should be used to guarantee cross-db compatibility: (note that, for INNER joins the traditional - and common - syntax is preferred instead of the ANSI one)

Some related experiences