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Moodle 2.0

This page describes the current implementation of the Workshop module. See also Workshop 2.0 specification and Workshop 2.0 testing.

Overview of Workshop architecture

Rewriting Workshop from scratch for Moodle 2.0 was a great opportunity to use new APIs and approaches to activity module development. In some areas, Workshop was a pioneering component adopting new frameworks - like File API, HTML rendering or subplugins support.

Many of Workshop features are implemented as subplugins (see mod/workshop/db/subplugins.php). That allows to extend current functionality without hacking Workshop core system.

Workshop core

Workshop core consists of common module functions in lib.php (required by Moodle itself) and methods of class workshop defined in locallib.php.

Grading strategies

Grading strategies are defined as workshopform subplugins in mod/workshop/form/ subdirectories. At any given time, just one type of the subplugin is used by workshop. But the data are kept so teachers can switch strategies as they need.


Allocation subplugins are used to allocate submissions to the students for peer-review. They are defined as workshopallocation subplugins in mod/workshop/allocation/ subdirectories. Teacher can use any installed allocator to distribute submission. Allocators are responsible for creating records in workshop_assessment table.

Grading evaluators

Grading evaluators calculate grades for assessments (aka grading grades). They are defined workshopeval subplugins in mod/workshop/eval/ subdirectories.

Diagrams and schemas

Database structure

ER diagram of DB tables used in/by Workshop module

XML structure

For the purpose of backup/moodle2, the following XML schema is used.

XML diagram of elements tree in workshop.xml


The following UML diagram explains the structure of classes defined in workshop subplugins.

UML class diagram

Gradebook integration

The scheme of grades calculation in Workshop

Debugging and testing