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Weekly Code Review

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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

Note: The information on this page is out-of-date, since the weekly code review process has been replaced with a continuous review process. See Process for details.

Moodle has a weekly process of code review in the stable branches to help improve the quality of stable packages and to help detect any regressions that may have occurred in stable code.

Here is the process for testers and developers:

Every Tuesday

Don't check any new fixes into CVS

HEAD is OK, but please avoid new fixes in all STABLE branches unless they are definitely definitely not going to cause new bugs  ;-)

Find bugs to test

All developers and testers should be looking at:

Moodle 1.9 stable:  1.9.x Needs QA review

(Make sure you can see the QA Assigned column)

Grab any bug that:

  • Is from the last week
  • You did not fix
  • Does not have a QA assignee yet

and claim it by editing the bug to add your name as QA Assignee.

Test the fix

  • Read the comments
  • Look at the patch attached to the tracker
  • Try the feature out to make sure it works as advertised
    • Ensure you have debugging set to the DEBUG_DEVELOPER & look for new errors
    • Test for potential regressions in other areas the fix may affect
  • Post new comments (or talk on Moodle HQ) if you need clarification

Deal with any problems

  • Post a comment on the bug with details (preferably including patch!)
  • Reopen the bug
  • If it looks like the original developer isn't seeing it, reassign to Eloy Lafuente for triage
  • If the fix is obvious and you have CVS access, fix it yourself

Mark the fix as reviewed

  • When you are satisfied the bug is correctly fixed, simply change the status from Resolved to Closed
  • If you committed any fix, let somebody else review it again - do not Close it yourself

Every Wednesday

  • The download site will automatically tag the whole current stable codebase (e.g. MOODLE_19_WEEKLY) at 1:00 GMT on Wednesday morning and then build download packages

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