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User talk:Sam Hemelryk/My Moodle Git workflow

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Adding "sudo"

There should possibly be a "sudo" in front of a lot of these commands, such as "mkdir repositories" as it's being created in the /var/www/ directory which is normally owned by root by default. This would make it consistent with the rest of the article as sudo is used in other appropriate instances. I didn't wish to add this myself as it's not my article and I'm still a Moodle noob. :) -- Gerry 2011-11-28 1:19pm AWST (Tried using the signature token but it wasn't being translated)

Simplifying step 4

Can we just use the following (or perhaps better still would be just switching branches and using zsh to display which branch we are currently in)? It saves us from having to do the same time consuming 202MB git clone 8 or so times and instead just makes a copy of the repository which takes seconds. Is there something I'm overlooking? :

cd /var/www/repositories
cd MOODLE_19_STABLE/moodle
git checkout -b MOODLE_19_STABLE origin/MOODLE_19_STABLE
git branch -D MOODLE_20_STABLE