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User:Valery Fremaux

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I am now full time independant architect for Moodle Integrations in France.

I was originally graduated in Electronics Engineering but leaved quite a long time ago the Dark Side of the force... I got a further master degree in Ethnomethodology related to Computer Sciences topics, and a master degree in Hypermedia and Sociologic Issues.

I was working as ICT teacher in EISTI where i developped my Applied Research Lab in Web technologies and Web app based architectures.

I now work on Moodle quite full time (even twice time) for 10 years, starting with a Moodle evaluation in 2003 for a European funded project.

My Key topics

Technical architecture

  • Moodle MNET working in consistant Moodle arrays or constellations
  • Distributes Moodle service architectures

Top level usages

  • Hi level content editorialization in Moodle
  • Course management, publishing cycle management

Pedagogic Items

  • Cognitive engines
  • Coordination and cooperation activities

My major contribs

  • Techproject Module
  • Customlabel Module
  • Magtest Module
  • Coursehop block

In total more than 50 contributions packaged in of plugin types...