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User:Aparup Banerjee

From MoodleDocs

Hi, I'm Aparup Banerjee. I'm an Indian who was brought up and educated in Singapore and i'm a recovered windows addict.

The guys at HQ call me Apu. I had just moved to Perth from Singapore in 2007 when I first met Martin and learnt more about moodle. After a few years of settling down in Perth, I'm now happy to be moodling.

Currently, I'm on the Sites team at Moodle HQ from where I perform a few functions:

  • Maintain and facilitate the Moodle plugins directory as well as developers using the system. This ties in with moodle too.
  • Maintain other sites, most recently launched was LearnMoodle.

Some of my past roles at Moodle HQ include:

  • Developer and tester in the STABLE team
  • Integrator in the Moodle Product team (iTeam)

My wife, Indu, is a teacher at a local institute and I had for awhile taken a part-time position lecturing in this V.E.T sector. It was interesting to see teaching concepts in the classroom and how they could mapped to moodle in online delivery.

In spare time, Parkinson's law tends to apply so i try to keep myself busy :-p. The rest of the time, i use for interests below.

I depend on beer lesser now for expressing myself but I'll still gladly talk about any of the following over beers:

  • technology geek
  • druid like naturistic tendencies
  • philosopher (much more so over a good drink)
  • forex
  • astronomy
  • electronics
  • cybernetics (biological and non)
  • AI
  • humans
  • beer
  • society

I also enjoyed helping out with testing our Moodle mobile app :-) 

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