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Usability issues - Upload

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First some screenshots of the pages with an upload file option have been researched through Moodle:


Upload Wiki

Upload wiki.JPG

Upload Files

Upload files.JPG

Upload Import

Upload import.JPG

Upload Users

Upload users.JPG

Upload User pictures

Upload user pictures.JPG

Upload Frontpage Sitefiles

Upload frontpage sitefiles.JPG

Upload Frontpage Questions

Upload frontpage questions.JPG

File database


File exercise



The pevious screenshots can be clasified in a table:

Upload screenshots classification
ID Screenshots Variables Buttons
1 Wiki and other activities and resources Image, layout, spacing, size, etc. Create folder, zip, unzip, rename,etc.
2 Files, Frontpage Site Files Browse, upload and cancel.
3 Import, Frontpage Questions Browse and import groups / Choose or upload a file and import this file.
4 Upload users / upload user pictures CVS, enconding, overwrite, etc. Browse and upload user (pictures)
5 Upload a file / picture in database and exercise activity module Title Browse and upload


Ideally it should be only two types of uploading files:

  • The simple one: that would be applicable to Files, Frontpage Site Files, Import, Frontpage Questions and Upload users / upload user pictures. This interface would contain:
    • An indication of the max size with a help question
    • Browse
    • Upload
    • Cancel
    • [Other information depending on the type of upload file]
  • The detailed one: that would be applicable to wiki pages and other activities and resources (should not be changed)