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Usability issues - Enrolment

From MoodleDocs

First some screenshots of the pages with an enrolement option have been researched through Moodle:




Assign roles in system


Frontpage roles


Networking enrolements


Assign roles in course



The pevious screenshots can be clasified in a table:

Upload screenshots classification
ID Screenshots Buttons
1 Bulk user action Add to selection, remove to selection, add all, remove all and search
2 Assign roles, frontpage roles and assign roles in course Add, remove, search, enrolement duration, starting from and hiden assignment
3 Networking enrolements Host, enrolements and courses


Ideally it should be only two types of uploading files:

  • The simple one: that would be applicable to Networking elements
  • The detailed one: that would be applicable to other enrolment pages and would contain:
    • All items specified at type 2: Add, remove, search, enrolment duration, starting from and hidden assignment
    • All items specified at type 1: Add all, remove all buttons

Another issue that I do not understand is why there is a checkbox next to the eye and question mark button. I think that checkbox should be removed.