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Usability issues - CTRL enter

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Possible application of CTRL-Enter functionality

What is this about? Often a user on a Moodle page will maybe just fill-in or change one field and then have to scroll down several screens to reach the [Save changes] or corresponding button. For an active user this can be rather frustrating, even for users without disabilities, so it would be good if there were a shortcut key-combination that would do the job directly without needing to scroll.

It must be considered that CTRL-Enter functionality is not only useful for the user / teacher but also for the admin (the admin will be really used to Moodle because usually he/she has been using Moodle for a long time and he would know by heart shortcuts like CTRL-Enter).

This is the list of pages where there is only a submit button (classified by submit, update, send in ratings or whatever):

Note: usually in nearly all pages there is also the turn editing on button in this page.

Turn editing on

Save changes

(...) all sections of settings.php

(...)this happens with all the activities and resources (wiki, forum, lesson,...), when somebody wants to edit a wiki, save should be the default option(this concerns all roles).

Update profile

Upload user

Add new discussion topic

Update this quiz/forum/wiki

(...) the same happens with glossary, lesson and other activities or resources


This is the list of pages where there is more than a submit button:

More than a submit button

(...) the same happens with edit pages of glossary, lesson and other activities or resources

Shortcuts applied elsewhere within Moodle

In Moodle it is used Acunote's Javascript Keyboard Shortcuts Framework. However in this framework there are some keys that they are not listened:

does this mean:

In Moodle Acunote's Javascript Keyboard Shortcuts Framework is already included (from version X.X). But the implementation in Moodle does not monitor the keys mentioned below, though Acunote has that power, (because of these policy decisions _________):

// Keys we don't listen 
   keys: {
       KEY_BACKSPACE: 8,
       KEY_TAB:       9,
       KEY_ENTER:    13,
       KEY_SHIFT:    16,
       KEY_CTRL:     17,
       KEY_ALT:      18,
       KEY_ESC:      27,
       KEY_SPACE:    32,
       KEY_LEFT:     37,
       KEY_UP:       38,
       KEY_RIGHT:    39,
       KEY_DOWN:     40,
       KEY_DELETE:   46,
       KEY_HOME:     36,
       KEY_END:      35,
       KEY_PAGEUP:   33,
       KEY_PAGEDOWN: 34

There are some GSoC projects managed with Acunote and last year a GSoC project of Moodle called Moodle Voice used Acunote.