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Development Plan for Turnitin Plagiarism plugin

Current Features in Released code

  • Integrated with Advanced upload and single upload assignment types.
  • capability moodle/course:enableturnitin to give teachers to use TII submission.
  • Teachers will be able to "enable" the TII submission when creating a new Advanced Assignment Type.
  • TII originality Score, and Full report will only be available to Teachers via the submissions page.
  • all files uploaded to the assignment will be submitted to TII via cron
  • Originality score/Full report will be checked for availability via cron.
  • Display some "disclaimer" type text to the student when TII is enabled to explain that the assignment will be automatically submitted to TII

Add the ability for teachers to elect who/when a originality score and or full report is available to:

  • As soon as the report is back
  • After the due date of the assignment
  • Add options to admin pages to set what settings are the default for TII settings within modules.

Stuff that would be nice to do at some point, but is not currently funded

  • add the functionality to the Online assignment type
  • add the functionality to the discussion forum uploads
  • add the functionality for files uploaded via html editor(essay questions etc)

From The University of Waikato

  • Provide option for to not store assignment submissions on the Tii database and what to check/compare them against (as per Tii 'Allow other papers to be checked against submission' option)
  • Better error display to students so they are informed if a file is not valid or long enough etc
  • ‘keep alive’ type communication when a lecturer is viewing a report to prevent Tii website timeout